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Use recycled products and materials to improve your “Green” credentials

Climate change is on everyone’s minds at the moment and rightly so. There’s an expectation on businesses that they do more to further this agenda. For some this means overhauling how their business operates including their procurement and supply chain.

One of the simplest ways for a business to improve its “Green” credentials is to use recycled products and materials. At Universal Packaging we have been supplying recycled bulk bags and octabins for over 30 years so we are not new to the party.

Our values have always been driven by following simple principles such as “waste not; want not” which is why we have been pioneering the reuse of packaging since we started; why throw away something into landfill when something is perfectly usable? This basic idea is now dubbed the “circular economy” and “recycling” as a phrase has become an industry but it has always been second nature to us.

Attitudes to recycling have changed and that is to be welcomed. Where in the past, customers were drawn to the shiny newness of packaging, now they are just as concerned about how it’s been made and where it has come from. It has now become a badge of honour to use recycled materials and products. FIBC bulk bags are normally made from high strength polythene which is not biodegradable. By using high quality reconditioned bulk bags you are preventing them going to landfill and helping the environment.

Octabins are made from corrugated cardboard which is in and of itself, biodegradable. However, the energy used in the processes to destroy and recreate a new cardboard box generates more carbon dioxide which is a Greenhouse Gas that contributes to global warming. The most environmentally friendly option is to put a perfectly strong and usable box back into use.

By working with Universal Packaging you can reduce your environmental impact by using our recycled bulk bags and cardboard Octabins.  By extending the life of cardboard boxes, you are keeping cardboard in use, cutting out waste and preserving our precious natural resources for longer.

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