New & Second Hand Octabins from Universal Packaging

Octabin Polythene Liners also supplied.
Please call 0151 547 5050 for details.

Octabin is a standardized container of large dimensions of various sizes for storing granules of plastics, powders, resins and other dry products. Octabins are made of thick cardboard and provide good dry product protection.

Benefits of Octabins

  • Dry Product Protection
  • Maintain Product Quality
  • Various size dimensions available to meet customer needs
  •  Available complete with base and lid

Half ton and 1 ton new octabins and good quality second hand octabins in stock.

Example Octabin Dimensions
New: 1660mm x 1075mm x 1075mm (complete with base and lid).

Other size dimensions of octabins available.
Enquire now for an Octabin quote.





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